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Kinyatta - Trainer

You will love Kinyatta's warm smile and positive attitude. She is a true Washingtonian, having lived here her whole life.  She did leave the country one time….it was a surprise trip for her and we will let her tell you about that, so that is a surprise for you too!


Kinyatta is quick to tell you about her passion for all things beauty and makeup related. She has big dreams of one day becoming a professional makeup artist and owning her own beauty bar business. On weekends, you will find her practicing new makeup techniques, reading a good book and spending quality time with her family. If you really want to see her light up, ask her about her young son, Zaiir. Kinyatta's giving spirit and big heart shines through when you ask her what she loves most about her job. With a smile, she says that she loves being able to help others.

"Their cleaners do a perfect job cleaning your house and are very, very dependable. Easy to book at a moment's notice and encourage feedback about their cleaners." -K.F., Seattle

"My cleaner takes care of every detail. I love to come home on cleaning days!" -T.H., Bellevue

"I really appreciate the time and effort your company spends on making sure we're happy clients. It makes such a big difference." -J.A.S., Seattle

"April Lane's gave me my weekends back, and the house looks better than ever. I can manage everything via email. They're always responsive and accommodating. " -C.L., Seattle

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