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Courtney - Cleaner & Supply Manager

Courtney, Supply Manager and Trainer here at April Lane's Home Cleaning, is a natural. She has been with us for several years and in that time we have learned if she cleans for you once, you'll find yourself requesting her back!

You'll recognize her for her unique style and ever-changing hair color. Courtney grew up in Burien and received her BA in painting and drawing from the University of Washington.

Outside of work, Courtney loves painting, vintage fashion, more vintage fashion, nerding out and spending time with her many friends.


  • Courtney always makes my house shine – I look forward to coming home on days that she’s visited. I appreciate the care and consideration she takes in my home, and I’m thrilled that she’s my cleaner. Thanks so much, Courtney.B.P. - Bellevue

  • Courtney is FABULOUS! I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but now you know. She just does EVERYTHING I could ever want. She is so great.S.C. - Capitol Hill

  • Courtney is AMAZING! Always does great work.R.B. - Wallingford

  • We are super happy with Courtney! Courtney is very receptive to our needs and we really appreciate everything she does!M.D. - Ballard

  • I'm brand new to having a housecleaner and I couldn't be happier. There's something very special about coming home to a professionally cleaned house, and there's also something special about knowing that the baseboards aren't putting on another month's worth of dust--now I can rest happily, knowing that all of those sorts of details are always under control. And Courtney has been an excellent way to get started. She's been thorough and friendly and is very communicative (asking clarifying questions when she has them) and has gone out of her way to help me tidy some of the things that I don't get around to. As I say--I couldn't be happier. Big thanks, Courtney!A.G. - Wallingford

"Their cleaners do a perfect job cleaning your house and are very, very dependable. Easy to book at a moment's notice and encourage feedback about their cleaners." -K.F., Seattle

"My cleaner takes care of every detail. I love to come home on cleaning days!" -T.H., Bellevue

"I really appreciate the time and effort your company spends on making sure we're happy clients. It makes such a big difference." -J.A.S., Seattle

"April Lane's gave me my weekends back, and the house looks better than ever. I can manage everything via email. They're always responsive and accommodating. " -C.L., Seattle

"At April Lane’s Home Cleaning, they always meet or exceed my expectations. I have recommended them to all my friends." -R. S., Seattle