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Meet Our Team

The following group of accomplished and hard working individuals make our company what it is. Our staff tend to be from a customer service background, because that's what we're passionate about! We can't wait to meet you. Please take a moment to learn a little about us:

  • April - CEO

    The boss herself! Keep reading to learn about our company history and its owner, April Lane...

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  • Angela

    Angela has a big heart and talent for taking extra special care of her clients. She loves getting to know your home, family and pets...

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  • Brian

    Brian is our most experienced cleaner and trainer. His expertise always shows in his top-notch work and knowledgeability...

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  • Courtney

    Courtney is a natural. If she cleans for you once, you'll find yourself requesting her back! You'll recognize her for her unique style and ever-changing hair color...

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  • Ellen

    Ellen has extensive experience in the cleaning industry, and we are lucky to have her on our team. She is one of our most efficient cleaners, and prides herself on getting the job done right...

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  • Janell

    Janell loves making the lives of her clients easier. Her customers love her dedication and consistency. You know you're in great hands when Janell shows up at your door...

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  • Jessica - Office Staff

    Jessica is our Director of Administration. She keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. You might speak with her when you contact the office. She also manages our recruiting and training programs, and provides our newer team members with the coaching and support they need...

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  • Kayla

    Kayla has a natural customer service personality, and it makes her day to see a smile on your face when you return to your beautiful, clean home...

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  • Kimberley

    Kimberley is a consummate pro, and one of our top trainers. Strong shoulders like hers are the foundation upon which our company is built...

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  • Kinyatta

    You will love Kinyatta's warm smile and positive attitude. She is a true Washingtonian, having lived here her whole life.  She did leave the country one time…

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  • Laura

    Laura is one of our most experienced cleaners. She's also our incredible Sales & Service Assistant. Whether you're welcoming her into your home, or calling the office to set up service, you'll love her bubbly personality and quick follow-through...

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  • David

    David is our science buff. He is working hard towards his long term goal of teaching science to high school students.

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  • Breezy

    Bubbly, wonderful Breezy comes to us from Phoenix, AZ originally. She brought the sunshine with her in her infectious laugh and bright smile.

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  • Libby

    Libby is a natural caregiver. She tackles the most challenging jobs with a gentle calm. She also loves making a difference in the company as a trainer...

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  • Lisa

    Give us a moment to gush over Lisa and we know you will be as excited about her as we are. She is so vibrant and fun that you can't help but smile when you are with her...

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  • Amanda

    Amanda is a true Seattle girl having been born and raised here. She is a very proud Mom to her son, Zafer. When she speaks about him, you will see her just glow with joy and love.

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  • Christine

    Christine has such a calm, centered presence about her that she will put you at ease immediately. Her gentle laugh and easy smile make you feel like you are with an old friend from the first time you meet her.

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  • Luis

    We couldn't be happier that Luis has joined our team. He brings a calm confidence and an artist's eye to his work that we know you will value...

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  • Isobelle

    Isobelle is by far, one of the most talented artists that we have ever had on staff! Her artwork is nothing short of mind-blowing. We feel so fortunate to have such a talented lady in our midst.

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  • Peter

    Peter is such a wonderful addition to our team. He enjoys the independence this job brings to his life and he loves going above and beyond for his clients...

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  • Angela R

    Angela is a gal of many talents. You may find her exploring new recipes and honing her cooking skills or you may find her on a trail somewhere exploring the outdoors with her boyfriend and their dog, Meera.

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  • Mandala

    Mandala is such a vibrant, fun person! You can't help but smile when you talk to him. He was born and raised in the Philippines but moved to Los Angeles for 11 years before settling in Seattle.

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  • Tori

    Tori is our Art History aficionado having graduated from The University of Minneapolis with her bachelor's degree in Art History. She put her degree to good use when she worked at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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  • Samara - Office Staff

    Samara has been our Director of Sales and Service for over 9 years. As April's daughter, she grew up in the cleaning industry and has a true passion for customer service...

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  • Serra

    Pronounced just like "Sarah", this pro is anything but ordinary. Serra always arrives with a smile, ready to work, and sure to please...

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"Their cleaners do a perfect job cleaning your house and are very, very dependable. Easy to book at a moment's notice and encourage feedback about their cleaners." -K.F., Seattle

"My cleaner takes care of every detail. I love to come home on cleaning days!" -T.H., Bellevue

"I really appreciate the time and effort your company spends on making sure we're happy clients. It makes such a big difference." -J.A.S., Seattle

"April Lane's gave me my weekends back, and the house looks better than ever. I can manage everything via email. They're always responsive and accommodating. " -C.L., Seattle

"At April Lane’s Home Cleaning, they always meet or exceed my expectations. I have recommended them to all my friends." -R. S., Seattle