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House Cleaning Jobs: Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland & Mercer Island WA


Wouldn't it be great?!

What if you landed a full time job working with an awesome group of people, who not only shared your same values, but who also knew you and valued you as a person? Would that be your kind of full time employment? Would you be happy?

What if the work was fast paced enough to hold your attention, well structured so you could focus, gave you immediate gratification on a daily basis, and paid really, really well?

Could employment like this keep you happy for the long term? We're talking about the kind of job that you'd want to keep for at least a year, or three. Or, heck, for always!

Whether you've been looking for a house cleaning career in the greater Seattle area, or simply a rewarding job with an outstanding company, please, look no further.

April Lane's is growing and hiring like crazy. In fact, we have a long waiting list of new clients who can hardly wait to get on our schedule. So, needless to say ours is a great place to come for a full time house cleaning employment opportunity if you're a determined career hunter within the greater Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, and Mercer Island areas.

Don't worry or fuss about your employment for one more minute. Our employees are super lovely people, who appreciate being part of a drama-free, highly competent work force-to-be-reckoned-with, where "amazing" is a company standard.

Please read our reviews and see if you'd agree - We believe we've brought maid cleaning services to a whole new level, for both our clients and for our well trained staff of professional house cleaners.

See how refreshing it feels to work for a family-run company and to share in our lively and inviting culture. Also, receive outstanding training and pay without the burden or liability of being an independent contractor, or having to learn everything the hard way.


Our ideal house cleaning career candidate looks something like this…

Is available between the hours of 8am-5pm to work a full time schedule, either Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday ongoing

Owns a reliable car, has car insurance and a valid driver's license

Is comfortable driving to 2-3 client homes daily

Works well alone but also enjoys working in a team

Is efficient, detail-oriented and focused by nature or through established routine

Is English-proficient in speech, reading and writing

Is prepared to provide 2-3 professional references

Has a strong history of staying with employers for one year and longer

Honestly enjoys cleaning &/or finds it satisfying

Prefers physical work over a desk job, or work that is mentally &/or emotionally taxing

Very much values being in service to others

At ALHC, we take our hiring process seriously. In fact, what we're looking for is a needle in the haystack. In the same breath, a house cleaning career with April Lane's is not your typical gig.


Excellent pay

Best-in-Industry training

Benefits that truly come from the heart & land nicely in your pocket

PTO policies that surpass new City of Seattle sick pay requirements & begin accruing immediately after training

Highly effective earth friendly products and top of the line equipment

A fun, supportive atmosphere with reliable, effective management

Monthly opportunities to hang out with your like-minded, professional, yet often hilarious and zany co-workers, management staff, boss, etc.

Excellent pay

Working full time, ALHC's cleaners can anticipate earnings of more than $30,000/year. That's about $17/hour-$23/hour* following the first six to ten weeks of employment, allotting time for training, corrective training if needed, and for a full schedule to be built.

*Approximate $/hour calculations include weekly & monthly bonuses, stipends, wages & tips. See the chart below

Best-in-Industry Training

Specialized, paid & hands-on. Our training is believed by many to be the best in the industry. In fact we've been asked many times over, if we would make our training program available industry wide. But, no. We are not going to do that. You can only get our training here.

Our highly evolved, boot camp style training program pays $15.75/hour during training. With the guidance of our expert trainers, and a lot of hard work from our trainee, in just four to six weeks ALHC's training process takes our new hires from a Beginner level to Top of the Industry in proficiency and base knowledge.

Here's a detailed breakdown of all the benefits we offer:



Here's a detailed breakdown of all the benefits we offer:

Pay and Benefits:

Training $15.75 Per Hour
Base Pay $17 Per Hour
Leadership Ongoing Client + $1/HR
Leadership New Client OR, Trainer + $2/HR
Gas Card $5 per house ÷ by # of cleaners
Health and Wellness $50 Month
Raises Yes! Every 6 months!
Health Insurance Employer Contribution Yes! 50% of cost of company provided insuance for full time cleaners!
Spoil Me $150 Month for full time cleaners!

Spoil Me $'s:
Bonus paid to qualifying Cleaners which can only be used for something nice they are doing for themselves (i.e. health insurance, shopping spree, spa day, savings to buy a new car, travel, etc.)
Additional Services Referral Bonus:
When a Client receives an Additional Service such as window or carpet cleaning, a bonus is due to the Cleaner who recommended the Additional Service.

Why A House Cleaning Career with April Lanes is the Best in WA

Ultimately, a house cleaning career with April Lane's means excellent pay, a pleasant work environment, and enjoyable work. At April Lane's, you'll be working for one of the greater Seattle area's highest rated companies for quality and customer satisfaction. Simply put, our house cleaning maid services are unparalleled in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, and Mercer Island, WA.

We are also a winner of the Mayor's Award for Seattle's Top 10 Businesses, and the Angie's List Super Service Award.

We're proud to offer the absolute best house cleaning employment opportunities in the area.

Sound too good to be true? IT'S NOT!

If you think we be a good fit, don't hesitate, just click on the link & fill out our house cleaning employment application.

Or if you have questions or comments, please visit April Lane's Home Cleaning website, email us at, or give us a call:

Seattle (206) 527-4290

Eastside (425) 649-8610

Remember to check out our A+ customer reviews on Yelp


And, reviews from employees just like you at Glass Door


Remember to check out our A+ customer reviews on Yelp

"Their cleaners do a perfect job cleaning your house and are very, very dependable. Easy to book at a moment's notice and encourage feedback about their cleaners." -K.F., Seattle

"My cleaner takes care of every detail. I love to come home on cleaning days!" -T.H., Bellevue

"I really appreciate the time and effort your company spends on making sure we're happy clients. It makes such a big difference." -J.A.S., Seattle

"April Lane's gave me my weekends back, and the house looks better than ever. I can manage everything via email. They're always responsive and accommodating. " -C.L., Seattle

"At April Lane’s Home Cleaning, they always meet or exceed my expectations. I have recommended them to all my friends." -R. S., Seattle